Tuesday, December 3, 2013

be our guest

 SO TODAY marks a very significant day for me: I am guest blogging at some other place. TheoCult is a blog run by a circle of Quite Elite People that I mostly don't know (I know one of them, having met her once in person a hundred years ago) and they write on all sorts of interesting topics blending Theology and Culture. See what they did there? Catchy. Anyway, I was asked to guest blog. Wow. I mean, wow! That made me feel a little bit important and a little bit timid and a little bit like I forgot how to get dressed, because it's one of those things that you need to get right or everyone notices and laughs at you. So in the middle of all those nerves I decided to focus on all the perks of being a guest. Here are four of them:

1) You get to use the spare bedroom.
2) You are offered coffee after dinnertime.
3) You are instantly the Favorite Person Ever of the host/hostess's children, who suddenly carry on like they've never had any attention from anybody and surely you will be entertained by them hopping on one foot and in a circle.
4) Also, sometimes an enchanted candlestick and his friends sing to you.

But for all the perks of being a guest, there is also an outstanding rule of thumb as far as guest etiquette goes, and this is it:

1) Don't wear out your welcome, and abide by the rules of the house.

In this case, the welcome and rule of the house I was given was a cap of 1,500 words and oh, that was sooooooooooo hard. That was like saying, "Hey, you can take FOUR FULL BREATHS today and THAT'S IT." Frankly, I should go about introducing myself to people by saying, Hi, my name is Corrie and I LIKE WORDS. I like using them and I like hearing them, but I don't generally prefer limits on them.

But guests need to be polite too, so I slid in with a meager, courteous 1,493 words on this one because I was not about to commit a breach of etiquette by wearing out my welcome and bringing shame to the one rule of the house. Some people (I guess. I mean, I'm married to one of them) prefer, at any and all given times, far fewer than 1,500 words and I was not about to be sent packing because I stayed 5 minutes late or 8 words too many.

GOOD GRIEF. Enough on that. I'm getting entirely sidetracked. Case in point: my post, when short legs happen to good people is posted here. Hop on over to TheoCult, friends? I'd love for you to see what all the fuss is about.