Thursday, June 5, 2014

first things first

Well! Last night I did two fun things, in approximately this order:

1) A tornado-ish storm was sweeping our area, so I made a little pallet under our bed frame and heaved our sleeping kids under there. They groggily tried to articulate blobby questions about why I was shoving them under my bed (it's really quite a tall, sturdy bed frame, by the way. Totally fit for a tornado shelter), but I convinced them I'd explain it all in the morning.

2) Then I made some popcorn and guest-blogged again at TheoCult. It was all very exciting, getting my priorities straight by making sure my kids were safe and then making popcorn. Always pat yourself on the back when you get your priorities straight.

Speaking of priorities, skip over to TheoCult and read my post, i choose you. I can pretty well guarantee that it is your top priority right now, unless you are trying to avoid some natural weather disaster or the like. In which case, stay safe, and keep your phone on you. You can read my post from your phone.