Wednesday, April 22, 2015

in which Life is Real

while I would not dream of shattering any would-be parent's rose-colored perspective of parenting, and let you to dream of perfectly delightful all-day-every-days that are nothing but sunshine and gladness of heart, there IS, on occasion, and I stress the VERY RARE occasion, the day in which one, or two, or all of the kids decide to just cry from the moment they get up.

but that didn't happen today. parenting is mostly perfect and we hardly ever have tears. and while two children mostly maintained their relative emotional stability, the remaining child quite made up for it. and some of it was accidental, such as knocking her head on the bunk beds, or having a sister's head meet up with her nose, but mostly it was due in part to every horrible acting-out one could possibly dream up. and after every exhausting disciplinary act one could possibly counter with, I decided to take a breather and haul them all to the park.

would-be parents, be forewarned. sometimes a breather is a lifesaver and sometimes it's the fatal flaw in your thinking. for no sooner do you send a text to Husband At Work to report on just the hell that has existed in this child's life today, and the decision to head to the park, but you look up to see her go flying on her back because she's just run in front of her sister on the swingset. AND WHO DOES THAT, ANYWAY?! and now she's covered in mulch and there is more screaming and slobby boogers are smeared on her face.

and then you send a follow-up text that says the park was the worst idea ever, and you just head home.

like I said, this is the VERY RARE occasion. in fact, parenting is so perfectly FUNALLTHETIME that I probably made this whole story up. I leave it in your hands.