meet the posse

this is me.
I'm 35% funny and 29% serious and 114% extremely intense and 16% emotional and a total basketcase approximately 3% of the time. I wonder a lot of the time how I ever got married but I guess my husband's favorite number is 197. he also likes works in progress, and I am that too. 

smokin hot.

this is Lumberjack.

he's good at building stuff, fixing stuff, installing wood stoves, chimney sweeping, felling trees, home renovation, yard work, and basically anything else that most people hire someone else to improve for them.

he's great at serving, dry humor, and wildly adoring our children.

this is Spice Rack.

born in 2015. she doesn't do a lot of sleeping, so we're not really on speaking terms right now. when she decides to improve her personality, or say something funny, I'll be the first to let you know. here's something amazing about her, though: HER MIDDLE NAME IS CLEMENTINE AND THAT IS ACTUALLY THE TRUTH.

this is Half-Pint.
born in 2013. she's a tiny little thing. she was born with a form of dwarfism known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type IV, so she takes growing very seriously. and slowly. she's a magical little nymph and her favorite food is corn on the cob. my favorite word that she says is "mips" for lips. Sweet Mips. I love her.

this is Scout.
born in 2010. she's adventurous, fearless, tough as nails, and has an iron-clad will. she's pretty athletic and we will probably enroll her in all kinds of sports, starting with Greco-Roman wrestling. she likes to joke about poop, which I guess is what we get for not having any sons.


this is Freckles.

born in 2008. she's funny, poignant, wise beyond her years, and is our resident Old Soul. she has a galaxy of freckles across her face. her eyes are as blue as the sky and as deep as the sea. the only thing she does that really annoys me is refusing to wiggle loose teeth. losing teeth is a total crisis for her.

 this is our place.
when we're not using our backyard for digging up the septic tank, digging up drainage lines, fixing a leak from the well, felling dead trees, or growing piles of bricks, it's a near-magical, charming, honeysuckle-laden locale full of bunnies and beautiful blooming things and terrific views of the sunset.

My Other People (who occasionally surface in the cast of crazies characters):
Whirligig: my 15-year-old stepdaughter.
Easy Mark:
my dad.
Ol' Mama Squirrel: my mom. She's not a squirrel.
Burnt Cookie:
my older brother.
Palindrome: one of my sisters.
Hyperbole: one of my other sisters.
Ranger J: my sister-in-law, and the wife of Burnt Cookie
The Strag-Alongs: refers to any of my three youngest siblings. My parents had a set of four children, thought they were "done," and wound up with three more a bunch of years later because they thought parenting was so much fun they never wanted it to end. The Strag-Alongs contain 2 more sisters and one last little brother. If you're doing the math, I'm the second-born of seven, but the oldest daughter of those people. I'm also an ESTJ, so that makes me basically a first-born and the boss of everyone else.

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