meet the posse

this is me.
I'm a plus-luster raconteur. my love language is food. I don't like cats but somehow own the only decent one on the planet. I harass him daily for invading and inconveniencing my life.
the grossest thing I've ever done is lick a slug three times.

smokin hot.

this is Lumberjack.

people generally feel one of four ways about him:
1. they like him
2. they love him
3. they're a little intimidated by how quiet he is
4. they want him to build them some furniture

if I had to be quiet, I'd just lay down and die, no two ways about it, but it rather works for him.

these are our chilluns.from left: Half-Pint. Born in 2013 and has a form of dwarfism so she is about the size of a Cheez-It and everybody wants to be her best friend.
Scout, born in 2010. She'll run up to you and kick you in the shin as soon as look at you. So, you know, sorry that she's not more polite and stuff.
Freckles, born in 2008. Our resident Old Soul with eyes as blue as the sky and as deep as the sea. You'll never meet a more faithful heart. 
War Paint, born in 2015. An enigmatic combination of deliciously cute, horrifyingly sleepless, and exhaustingly oppositional. One out of three isn't so bad, I guess. 

 this is our place.
when we're not using our backyard for digging up the septic tank, digging up drainage lines, fixing a leak from the well, felling dead trees, or growing piles of bricks, it's a near-magical, charming, honeysuckle-laden locale full of bunnies and beautiful blooming things and terrific views of the sunset.

My Other People (who occasionally surface in the cast of crazies characters):
Whirligig: my 16-year-old stepdaughter.
Easy Mark:
my dad.
Ol' Mama Squirrel: my mom. She's not a squirrel.
Burnt Cookie:
my older brother.
Palindrome: one of my sisters.
Hyperbole: one of my other sisters.
Ranger J: my sister-in-law, and the wife of Burnt Cookie
The Strag-Alongs: refers to any of my three youngest siblings. My parents had a set of four children, thought they were "done," and wound up with three more a bunch of years later because they thought parenting was so much fun they never wanted it to end. The Strag-Alongs contain 2 more sisters and one last little brother. If you're doing the math, I'm the second-born of seven, but the oldest daughter of those people. I'm also an ESTJ, so that makes me basically a first-born and the boss of everyone else.

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